The Mono-Filio Round Frame Teapot is a Beautiful Suspended Bulb

The Mono-Filio Round Frame Teapot brings the beauty of the Eastern tea ceremony to the West, making the act of brewing your choice hot beverage an elegant spectacle. The unique material and the composition of this piece makes it an intriguing sculptural item, all the while offering a clever functionality to improve your overall sipping experience.

Inspired by the Mono-Classic model that's also sold by YLiving, this version is more minimalist. It comprises a single piece of high grade stainless steel as a curved frame, holding its graceful shape without any soldered points. The lower loop gives the Mono-Filio Round Frame Teapot a steady footing, while the upper loop gently cradles the heat-resistant borosilicate glass bowl. You're able to examine the delicious color of your steeped drink, making that feature an accent to this item's delicate aesthetic.