'Lily the Lake Purifier' is a Mercury Filter and Uses Synthetic Coral

 - Jan 7, 2017
References: yankodesign
The rising levels of mercury in our water sources is becoming alarming, so 'Lily the Lake Purifier' is a mercury filter that's designed to help purify in a streamlined way. Featuring a filter that's made using synthetic coral, 'Lily the Lake Purifier' is a solar-powered unit that can be used in a hands-off way to help purify large bodies of water.

'Lily the Lake Purifier' has a mercury filter that is intended to only allow water to pass through, so fish and other aquatic creatures won't become stuck in the unit. The filtering device has an anchor on the bottom portion of the unit that is attached to the main unit via a chain. This allows the buoy to stay in place, while the top portion remains visible to boaters and swimmers.