The Freshmax Fruit Stickers Help Shoppers Pick Ripe Avocados

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: & mashable
If you, like everyone else, have struggled to comprehend the ripeness of avocados, you might enjoy the simplicity of these fruit stickers. In use presently at New Zealand grocery store chain Freshmax, the avocado ripeness-indicating packaging consists of a simple gradient display.

The three-panelled fruit stickers show whether your avocado is not ripe, firm ripe, soft ripe or somewhere in between based on its shade of green. Where the avocado's hue falls on the spectrum indicates if it is ready to eat based on your preferences.

Although some avocado aficionados will claim firmness is a better indicator of ripeness than color, the sticker design will undoubtedly shed some light for the less versed in guacamole preparation.