'Grovio' Plant Assistant Alerts You When Your Plant Needs More Care

 - May 24, 2017
References: grovio.co & digitaltrends
The Grovio plant assistant is helping people without green thumbs keep their beloved flora alive through the use of smart technology.

House plants help keep reduce carbon dioxide, keep air temperatures down, and get rid of pollutants like benzene while brightening any room, but their unique and stationary elements can make them hard to care for, often being under or over watered, or forgotten.

Grovio has taken advantage of this niche market through developing a smart phone app which alerts plant owners if their plant needs more care. Through using a light intensity sensor, moisture sensor, air temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and motion sensor that monitor up to three plants simultaneously, Grovio plant assistant will ensure the right mount of light, and moisture is provided for the specific plant, while automatically watering plants to its specific needs.

Grovio provides plant owners with the convenience of being able to properly care for their plants with minimal effort.