'Melee' Asks Users One Question Daily Based on the Top News Story

 - May 26, 2017
References: itunes.apple & meleeapp
Rather than overwhelming users with many headlines and stories, 'Melee' is a news app that presents the top news story daily with a thought-provoking question for people to answer.

Melee features three categories, including News, Sports and Culture, with the aim of keeping users up-to-date on the newest and most relevant stories. After watching a video and reading an article that covers the largest story of the day in each category, users are invited to provide their opinion by answering a poll.

As the creators of the Melee app see it, "social media has significantly enhanced human communication, but not understanding." This app aims to get people to internalize and form opinions on topics, especially ones that may be controversial or otherwise difficult to begin a discussion on.