Minutiae is an App That Helps You Record Life's Ordinary Moments

 - May 28, 2017
References: minutiae-app.org & wired
In a world full of filters, curated feeds and perfectly posed moments, this anti-social media app aims to record a less glamorized and more authentic representation of your life.

The app works like this: once a day, at a random time, you will be prompted by the app to take a photograph, with only one minute to respond. Once you open the app, you have five seconds to capture a photo, leaving you little to no time to think about framing, lighting, or your surroundings.

The app records what your normally wouldn't think about capturing, documenting a more authentic day by day representation of your life. Minutiae was created in response to research that suggested that people who celebrate the ordinary, every day occurrences are happier than people who just celebrate and share the extraordinary.

Although technology has made it easier to document our lives, people tend to forego capturing life's ordinary moments out of fear it's not worth sharing. This anti-social media app aims to better connect people with themselves by re-thinking their relationship with social media.