From Reality Star Fidget Spinners to Disney Hero Deck Parties

 - Jul 30, 2017
One of the ironies of pop culture is that the contemporary era's critics tend to despise what's most massively popular in their own time while praising the past works of pop culture that were the same degree of popularity; all this is to say that if the July 2017 pop culture trends don't seem to be particularly appealing, know that they'll likely be lauded in the decades to come.

Since June was Pride Month, several of the July 2017 pop culture trends reflect that celebration of LGBT community and culture. The rainbow has come to be the universal symbol for everything LGBT, and that undeniably pleasant icon has made its way into pop culture in a plethora of ways. McDonald's fry boxes in Washington, DC, were decorated with the rainbow, Urban Outfitters released a rainbow-shaped pool float, and Converse released a pair of rainbow tie-dye sneakers.