The Pikachu Phone Charger is an Adorable and Practical Accessory

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: dhgate & theverge
DH gate has been spotted selling a Pikachu phone charger for anyone who wants the popular animated character to keep their phone at 100%.

The prongs of the plug are disguised as Pikachu's ears, while the USB connector can be inserted in between the character's feet. The charger is complete with careful yellow and brown detailing to best resemble the popular character.

Pikachu's appeal spreads across a multitude of platforms, primarily video games and gadgets, making this USB-supported accessory seem like a natural progression. Pokemon's branding has remained popular among teens since the success following the game's release in the mid-90s, which expanded into a popular TV series and recently, the popular Pokemon GO augmented reality game.

The phone charger speaks to the continuous popularity of anime culture and Pokemon's mass appeal to a global market.