Musician Seal is Eaten by a Shark in This New 'Shark Week' Ad

 - May 30, 2017
References: adweek
Each year, Discovery Channel hosts 'Shark Week,' and this year the network released a hilarious celebrity shark attack commercial to get the attention of audiences.

Created by Los Angeles ad firm 'AV Squad,' this commercial features musician Seal performing on a seaside dock. He is performing his hit song 'Kiss From a Rose' with a great degree of zest. Right at the climax of the song, Seal is engrossed in singing to a rose, and is attacked by a shark that swallows him whole. The copy of the ad reads 'it's still a bad week to be a seal.'

The result of this celebrity shark attack commercial is a tongue-in-cheek ad that reminds viewer of the shocking, high-entertainment value of Shark Week content. Discovery Channel's Shark Week begins July 23rd.