Users can Play with a Digital Distraction Tool If They Google 'Spinner'

 - Jun 22, 2017
References: google & lifehacker
Google is famous for adding cheeky Easter eggs to its ubiquitous search service and accompanying suite of software, and Google has provided yet another topical hidden treasure for users if they Google spinner.

By now, only true mountaintop hermits aren't aware of fidget spinners, the weighted distraction toys that purportedly help those with ADHD to focus and others to cut down on their compulsive habits. Whether or not those claims are reputable, the spinning ball bearings are a bona fide fad among kids and adults alike, and Google has decided to spread it to those who can't get their hands on a physical toy.

By Googling the word 'spinner,' users will see a graphic of a fidget spinner in mid-rotation at the top of the search page. This graphic is interactive; users can control it with their mice in mimesis of a physical spinner.