From Social Media Scuba Masks to Fidget Spinner Lip Balms

 - Jul 30, 2017
Social media are natural echo chambers, where one idea with potential can almost instantaneously spiral far beyond the originators intent, and many of the July 2017 social media trends show creators and companies alike looking to harness some of that tremendous electricity. Whether piggybacking off of previous ideas or bringing something completely new to the table, the social media world is all about striving to be viral — with the appropriately sick connotation that comes with the phrase.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, many products look to capitalize on what's already popular by adding a creative spin. Bespoke Bride, for example, has released a series of printable designs that mimic some of Snapchat's most popular digital filters, only in real life rather than through a camera lens.

Other companies are looking for new social niches. ZingCam is one, as the network puts video content at the fore rather than still images.