This Backpack from JanSport Helps Students Easily Share Content

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: jansport & digitaltrends
There's a new backpack from JanSport that's been developed that boasts more than just an interesting black and white pattern. Although the colors and patterns integrated into most backpacks are purely for aesthetic purposes, this backpack's design is integral to another important function.

The backpack design has the potential to be used like a giant QR code, making it possible for kids to easily share everything from music videos to social media profiles with others. As such, there have been 300 completely unique bags designed, each of which has its own distinctive patterning.

To see the content being shared by a person with this innovative backpack from JanSport, a special mobile app is needed to read the codes and reveal the online source links. As it stands, the bags are still prototypes that may or may not be introduced to the market.