Sports Experts Created a "42.2 Km Website" for Users to Scroll Through

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: scrollingmarathon & adeevee
As a retailer of sports equipment, apparel and accessories, Sports Experts wanted to bring attention to its sponsorship of the Montreal Marathon in a creative way. As such, it created 'The Scrolling Marathon,' which was set up as a "42.2 km website" for Internet users to scroll through.

To make the online marathon experience as life-like as possible, The Scrolling Marathon even simulated the real altitude of the Montreal Marathon, adding a bit of resistance to one's downward scrolls.

In all, about 15,000 people participated in The Scrolling Marathon, and those who were able to make it to the virtual finish line were rewarded with sports gear that they'd be able to use in the real world. Even though the "lazy athletes" to "run" the virtual marathon might not seem like the types to run a real-world marathon, the winners of The Scrolling Marathon might find themselves inspired to devote themselves to a new physical activity.