JobFlare is an App for Finding a Job That Challenges One's Brainpower

 - May 5, 2017
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It's easy enough to download an app for finding a job, but standing out in a competitive industry is difficult to do if other applicants are searching and applying for employment in the same ways. JobFlare is an online employment tool that recently released an app to help job-seekers show off their skills and stand out.

Rather than just listing one's abilities in a resume or cover letter, this app actually challenges a user to put their skills to the test with 90-second brain games on logic, math and verbal skills.

With the app, users are able to customize their profile to include positions that may be of interest and get job recommendations based off the information shared. JobFlare app users are also able to check the in-app 'Performances' tab to see their scores and how they compare to others.