The Pocket Sense App Sounds an Alarm When Your Phone is Lifted by a Thief

 - May 19, 2017
References: & producthunt
The Pocket Sense app is a new way to keep thieves from stealing your smartphone. The app, which is only available on Android, sounds an alarm when your phone is disconnected from its charger or engaged by someone. Of course the alarm can be disabled by the phone's owner, and shutting it off is as easy as entering the phone's password. However, that's not something a thief would know.

The idea behind the Pocket Sense app is not to use it everywhere. Having your phone threaten to ring an alarm every time you take it out of your pocket or off the charger would get old soon. Instead, it should be used in crowded public places or when your phone is left unattended on a charger, say at a coffee shop. The Pocket Sense app is available now as a free download.