This Playlist by Dr. Karp Mimics the Sounds a Baby Would Hear In Utero

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: happiestbaby & goop
This soothing infant playlist by Dr. Karp helps to calm fussy babies by playing sounds that mimic those they would hear in the womb.

'The Happiest Baby' is available as an album on iTunes and features sounds like a hairdryer, rain or mellow white noise. These white noise sounds are meant to help infants drift off and stay asleep. Each song lasts between eight and twenty minutes, depending on the noise and its intention. For example, 'Mellow' lasts just over fifteen minutes and is meant to get the baby through a full night of sleep, whereas 'Rain' is meant to be a soothing nap-time tune.

This soothing infant playlist can be played through Dr. Karp's 'Snoo' baby bed with an app so tired parents can rest easy knowing their child is in good hands.