Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses Tracks an Infant's Vitals and Activities

Clever Baby Hugs & Kisses is the name of a wearable infant monitor that can be used to track a child's health and development.

The soft band made of medical-grade material boasts an adjustable strap that includes a charming "X" and an "O" design. When worn, the band is able to track an infant's vital signs and activities, such as heart rate, temperature and sleep. All of this data is sent to the Clever Baby Diary app, which logs the times at which an infant sleeps, has their diaper changed, is bathed, bottle-fed and more.

With the wealth of information that is automatically collected with Hugs & Kisses, parents are able to receive insights, alerts, analyses and tips that help to take both the guesswork and frustration out of parenting.