Lush's 'Ickle Baby Bot' is a Specially Crafted Bath Bomb for Babies

 - Dec 7, 2017
References: lushusa & romper
Alongside the wide range of bath bomb products it makes for adults and kids, Lush Cosmetics has also created the 'Ickle Baby Bot' for babies.

The vegan, robot-shaped bath bomb is powered by natural ingredients, including the soothing oils of lavender, sandalwood and blue chamomile—Lush touts this essential oil trio as "nature’s cure for restless babes."

Unlike many bath bombs that are made with sodium laureth sulfate, which creates bubbly suds in the bathtub, the Ickle Baby Bot's primary purpose is to aromatically soothe young ones and embraces a sulfate-free formula. Although the ultra-gentle, cruelty-free bath bomb is branded for use by babies, Lush also notes that adults will love using the soothing bath bomb too when they are having some trouble getting to sleep.