The Mattel Baby Monitor Functions as a Powerful Digital Caretaker

 - Jan 4, 2017
References: usatoday & digitaltrends
'Aristotle by Nabi' is the name of the new Mattel baby monitor which uses advanced technology to benefit infants and parents alike.

Robb Fujioka, a representative of Mattel, explained the device's design by saying, "We tried to solve the other fundamental problem of most baby products, which is they don’t grow with you." Keeping this aspect in mind, the toy company considered how it could make the device adapt to the always-changing needs of infants. To do this, the Mattel baby monitor works as a voice-controlled system, which comes complete with a WiFi-enabled speaker and camera, colorful LED lights and a series of other connected features.

As the security enhanced camera has object-recognition capabilities, parents are able to see exactly what they're running low on and then order it straight through the device. In addition, it's reported that the Mattel baby monitors can even sense when an infant is crying and trigger its LED lights to play a soothing lullaby, all while sending a text to parents to alert them of their child's needs.