From Emotive Scientist Robots to Unbreakable Race Drones

 - Feb 25, 2017
The February 2017 robots trends show the value that robotics manufacturers are placing on education. Though robots might be more immediately associated with either pure entertainment or manual performance of labor, the automated machines can be excellent tools for teaching.

Some educational robots use novelty to draw consumers in before imparting valuable information. Hanson Robotics' 'Professor Einstein,' for example, is a miniature robot designed to resemble the paradigm-shifting early 20th century physicist, equipped with lifelike expressions including Einstein's playful protruding tongue. Once endeared to the bot, it can deliver all manner of info thanks to a conversational interface and internet connection.

The EMYS robot has a more specific purpose than Professor Einstein's general theory of relatability. EMYS is designed to teach kids foreign languages by using games and incorporating nearby objects that its system is able to recognize.