The Aubot Teleport is a Telepresence Device for Disabled Users

 - Jan 21, 2017
References: aubot & springwise
This telepresence device is controlled with the mind. From Melbourne-based startup Aubot, the Teleport was developed for people who are physically disabled to give them more autonomy. The new company creates robotics to help people in their everyday lives, suggesting other industries could also benefit from a similar telepresence device.

The Aubot Teleport uses a MindWave EEG scanner, offering less-abled users an alternative to physical remote controls. The scanner detects brain waves. So if users concentrate with a certain "attention threshold," they can make the unit move with their minds. You can also change commands with a variety of different blinking patterns. For example, you can make the device change directions, giving you the opportunity to further explore your surrounding environment.