'Professor Einstein' is a Miniature Robot Modeled After Albert Einstein

 - Jan 23, 2017
References: professoreinstein & engadget
The field of robotics has made impressive strides in recent years in terms of both hardware and software, and the new Professor Einstein robot from Hanson Robotics shows just how far the field has advanced. While there are several examples of unique individual robots, Professor Einstein is slated to be a consumer product that has nearly the same degree of functionality.

The miniature robot is made to resemble the early 20th century genius in both appearance and cognition. The bot is fitted with a cream sweater, black tie, bristly mustache, and a puff of white hair just like the popular image of Einstein himself. Its face is also equipped with over 50 different expressions and gestures, making exchanges feel very realistic.

In terms of software, Professor Einstein can recognize users' voices and hold natural conversations. The bot is also connected to the Internet, allowing it to answer virtually any question.