The 'MOnarCH' Robot Provides Edutainment in Hospitals

The 'MOnarCH' is a newly designed piece of technology that aims to push the capabilities of social robots to the next level. Designed by David Gonçalves, the 'MOnarCH' robot features a friendly, inviting design that makes it a welcome addition to a space without looking overtly modern or cold.

The 'MOnarCH' robot was designed as a new addition to the Portuguese Oncology Institute in Lisbon as a way to help offer edutainment for visitors, children and staff. The social robots face features a permanent smile to make it appear constantly ready to greet visitors and offer palpable information.

The 'MOnarCH' robot is outfitted with a 10-inch screen on the front chest portion for displaying educational information, while the speakers and microphone are housed in the unit's head.