Lulla Doll Mimics Breathing and Heartbeat Sounds to Soothe Young Ones

 - Oct 25, 2017
References: lulladoll
While there are many toys that use music and lights to help kids soothe themselves to sleep, the Lulla doll takes a simpler approach as a sleep companion that mimics the closeness of a caregiver with realistic breathing and heartbeat sounds.

The sleep companion for babies, toddlers and young kids from RoRo was based on scientific research that supports the idea that closeness improves sleep, wellbeing and safety. For added comfort, RoRo suggests that caregivers keep the the doll close to their skin before giving it to the child, so that it may absorb their scent.

The Lulla doll is also suited for premature babies and other children who must spend long periods of time in isolation due to their medical needs. As such, the Lulla doll may be washed at a high temperature to eliminate most bacteria.