The ‘Nuryl’ App Advances Baby Brain Development Through Sound

 - Jan 24, 2017
‘Nuryl’ is an education-based company that produced a Cognitive Listening App for Babies, which uses High Information Music to boost baby brain development.

High Information Music is uniquely recognizable as being "tonally rich with highly complex harmonies that move rapidly into unexpected places by incorporating unusual melodic structures." Exposure to this "smart music" is especially critical from the time a baby reaches the age of five months, up to two years of age. The app operates as part of a subscription service, giving parents the chance to bond with their developing child through monthly or yearly memberships.

At just nine weeks of pregnancy, indentations begin to appear where an infant's ears will grow. At 18 weeks, a baby begins to hear sound and as early as week 25, a baby is able to hear and respond to noises and voices from the womb.