'L.O.L. Surprise' Collectibles Play Off of the Unboxing Phenomenon

 - Feb 17, 2017
References: lolsurprise.mgae & toyworldmag
L.O.L. Surprise, or "Lil Outrageous Littles," are collectible dolls that have been specifically designed for the "YouTube generation." Isaac Larian, founder of MGA Entertainment, was struck with inspiration after watching an unboxing video late one night and decided to create a toy that plays off of the interest that people have in this unpackaging phenomenon.

Chubby, baby-like dolls like Crystal Queen, Hoops MVP and Royal High-Ney are packaged in spherical containers that contain "layers of surprises inside." Along with a doll itself, this includes a secret message to be decoded, stickers and various accessories for the dolls that can be mixed and matched.

On the toy website, there is a dedicated unboxing video for each doll that shows the exact contents of each product. For the launch of the dolls, the company partnered with Tiana of Toys And Me, a YouTube influencer.