'The Grid Game' is a Colorful Reimagining of Classic Dominoes

 - Feb 2, 2017
References: thegridgame.co & core77
'The Grid Game' is a tile-based game that is sure to be equally pleasing for designers and board game fanatics alike. The game is an adaptation of dominoes, but it makes use of color rather than numbers to turn the playing field into an ever-changing chromatic kaleidoscope.

The Grid Game can be played alone or with up to 11 players. To play, the players divide the tiles between one another at random. Whoever is chosen to go first must play a tile without a black diamond in it. The next player then plays another tile by connecting it to the first with a matching color. The third tile played (and every subsequent tile after that) must touch at least two edges with matching colors — from this point on they can play black tiles, which can't be matched. The winner is the player to get rid of their tiles first.