'Tiller' is an Office Accessory That Improves Time Management

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: gettiller & kickstarter
'Tiller' features a minimalist design to ensure time-tracking remains as seamless and efficient as possible.

Any busy office worker is tasked with a variety of projects that require a designated portion of the day to complete. However, with a hectic work schedule, it can be easy to spend too much time working on one project, while other tasks continue to pile up. Tiller is an office accessory that features a tactile interface, while allowing users to easily navigate through a series of tasks. With the device, users can organize and visualize specific projects by simply turning the dial to select a new task. Each time the user turns the dial to begin working on a different task, Tiller's internal clock begins monitoring the time.

The device will then relay valuable time management information to the user, informing them how much time is spent working on each project.