'Delgada 1' Features a Stately Concrete Pergola

 - Jan 30, 2018
References: archdaily
'Delgada 1' is a vacation home a few hours outside Lisbon that needed a renovation. The clients who purchased the garden home were looking to get a pool and deck added to the property, and Camarim Arquitectos, the studio behind the project, opted to deliver with a unique design. Rather than hewing the traditional patio route with ornate designs and patterns in wood, the studio chose a more modern, Brutalist architecture made entirely from concrete.

The concrete pergola is the most striking aspect of Delgada 1. It features straight, unadorned columns that support concrete slats crossing along the top of the structure. The entire pergola is further placed on top of a smooth concrete base.

Though the concrete certainly makes a style statement, it also has a practical purpose. Concrete is an inexpensive waterproof material, making it convenient to surround a pool.