Jillian Evelyn Illustrates Elegant Modern Furniture Accessories

 - Jan 25, 2018
References: jillianevelyn & instagram
Los Angeles-based artist Jilian Evelyn creates color-vibrant vases with a narrative and geometrical appeal. Heavily influenced by Margaret Kilgallen and Frida Kahlo, Jilian's art explores the notions of "discomfort and contortion both from external expectations and within ones' own thoughts." Her illustrations feature geometrical characters, who bent and distort on the canvas -- perhaps trying to fit within a limited space and understanding.

In recent years, Evelyn has been expanding her recognizable style from latex and acrylic paint on wood to large scale paintings, murals and color-vibrant vases. Each piece has a unique color palette that ties in well with the pop art and modernist movements. On occasion Evelyn incorporates a prop in her drawings -- a skull, a guitar or even a black panther, but the angular aspect of the work is preserved throughout.