RoomIQ by Nexia Assesses Each Room in One's Home

 - Jan 9, 2018
References: nexiahome
Smart homes are only as intelligent as the technology that fills them, but with the RoomIQ by Nexia, consumers can get truly smart, adaptive homes. The system incorporates Nexia's smart software into one's home heating setup, ensuring that every room in one's home stay precisely the correct temperature.

RoomIQ by Nexia, which has been unveiled at CES 2018, is designed to function in conjunction with Trane's line of home heating hardware. This includes the newly released ZSENS930 Wireless Temperature Sensor, which can be added into every room in one's home to make sure that the complete system gets the most accurate readings possible. RoomIQ is then best facilitated through the Trane XL724, which is a programmable, touch-screen thermostat.