The Ecouflant Village Center is a Redesign of a Historic Building

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: archdaily
There's always a challenge in inserting modern designs into a historical context, but for Studio d'Architecture Bruno Huet, the team behind the new Ecouflant Village Center, that challenge was a necessity. The newly designed community center was an important requirement for the town as a whole, and it has been installed in a manner that remains respectful to the history of the small French town while also including the modern amenities the townspeople require.

One of the most interesting design aspects of the Ecouflant Village Center is its shape. The building bends around the edge of the town square, forming a semicircle around a 15th-century building known affectionately as 'The Lodge'. While the community center might potentially dwarf the elder building, Studio d'Architecture Bruno Huet managed to make the new building unimposing and complementary.