'Elfort Road House' Makes a Victorian Home Bright and Welcoming

 - Jan 23, 2018
References: archdaily
With all its brick, soot, and constrictive clothing, the Victorian era wasn't amenable to the comfortably welcoming living that modern day people enjoy, which is what makes 'Elfort Road House' such an interesting renovation. The home, which is in the London borough of Islington, was indeed built in the Victorian era and thus adheres to its stuffy tenets. However, thanks to smart restructuring and interior design, Amos Goldreich Architecture, the studio behind the project, managed to transform it from a dark, cluttered space into a light and airy one.

One of the keys to the redesign was to add windows wherever possible, bringing ample natural light into the interior. Next, the architects opted for a simple open concept layout that left half-levels open, such that the second floor has a faux-balcony that provides a view onto the lower level. These tricks open up the space, allowing air and light to break through the metaphorical smoke of an early industrial home.