IBUKU's Kindergarten Design Addresses the Young Students' Needs

 - Jan 3, 2018
References: archdaily
Unlike more traditional classroom designs, which feature rows of desks all geared toward the front of the class, kindergarten design needs to recognize the students therein. Kindergarten students are very young children, meaning that they can't be reasonably expected to sit in orderly attention as older students can. Fortunately, the kindergarten design at Green School in Bali, Indonesia, addresses that concern.

The classroom is a circle that revolves around a bright central bamboo column, and the various play and storage areas throughout the classroom are embedded into the outer walls. Because of its circular shape, the classroom inherently recognizes that kindergarten-aged children will roam and play more often than they'll be sitting listening to lessons from their teachers. The space also features a bamboo archway as the door area, showing children the harmony between the outdoor environment and indoor space.