- Feb 25, 2018
It's good that the February 2018 youth trends have little to do with rebellion, because the most recent iteration of youthful revolt against authority has been bizarre and confounding to say the least. The kids today have both started and perpetuated the habit of filming oneself or one's friends eating Tide Pods, the popular laundry detergent that comes in (admittedly delicious looking) single-use pouches.

While the Tide Pod epidemic is strange, there are plenty of options out there for kids who want to channel their energy toward something more creative. For example, 15-year-old chef Logan Guleff won a Gourmand Award for 'Logan's Chef Notes & Half Baked Tales' a graphic novel cum cookbook that he authored with illustrator Cindy Tan. The book helps kids to learn about the joys of cooking, and it presents it through the lens of anime — an increasingly popular medium among Gen Z.

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