'La Serpentina' is a Unique Playground Installation Designed by ELEMENTAL

 - Jan 18, 2018
References: somoschoapa.cl & archdaily
Most playground elements are fairly predictable — a slide, some monkey bars, a couple swings, and voila — but 'La Serpentina', a new playground structure from design studio ELEMENTAL, is a combination of all those things and more. The modular play unit is a series of cages that contain undulating surfaces on which children can slide, jump, hide, and play in original and undefined ways.

One of the inherent issues with many classic playground elements is that they were designed with an adult mindset. Slides, for example, are prescriptive: they can only really be used to go from the top to the bottom. With La Serpentina, children can choose to slide down slopes, but they can run up and across them just as easily, leading to a freer experience more in line with the way in which young minds process the world.