At KidZania, Kids Role-Play Adult Jobs and a Earn Mock Money

 - Jan 12, 2018
References: kidzania
Kids have always enjoyed feigning adulthood — from playing house to so many other make-believe games — but KidZania takes that role-playing to a higher degree. The entertainment complexes provide spaces for kids to run a fictional nation, empowering kids to play in over 100 immersive careers and learn about the world in the process.

There are several KidZania complexes around the world, each of which measures several thousand square meters. With that much space, kids are free to explore at will, role-playing in whatever jobs suit their fancy. The complexes are run on fictional currency called kidZo, helping to teach kids about money management on top of the knowledge they gain about various careers through hyper-realistic role-playing.

Each KidZania complex is different, but they all replicate cities. The cities are organized by industry, with areas devoted to careers in medicine, law enforcement, entertainment, and more.