Wujiachang Kindergarten Features Offers Choices and Contigencies

 - Jan 17, 2018
References: archdaily
In designing a building for children, architects have to entirely rethink the way that spaces relate to one another, and Wujiachang Kindergarten does just that. The building holds nine kindergarten classrooms, meaning that on any given day the vast majority of its occupants will be young kids, and the shapes embedded in the building address that unique condition.

Children are far more imaginative than adults, for whom decades of experience with culture have left accustomed to routine and straightforward thinking. Wujiachang Kindergarten plays to that sense of imagination, with hallways and courtyards that give children choices for how to travel. In the words of the architects, Atelier Fronti, "the whole building seeks to become a huge spacial toy for children to play in."