'MG Retreat' is a Modern Take on a Rustic Forest Cabin

 - Jan 4, 2018
References: archdaily
Cabins in the woods make use of some of the oldest and most fundamental aspects of engineering and architecture, but 'MG Retreat' shows that those methods aren't the only way to construct a forest home. The contemporary cabin is a fascinating combination of wood, iron, and glass, with an appearance that's decidedly different from the average building in such an environment.

Perhaps the most striking design element of MG Retreat is its ground floor lounge area, which is entirely enclosed in a glass box. As opposed to the rustic feel of wood walls, the glass used in this room gives those inside a complete, unimpeded view of the natural surroundings. Glass might ostensibly be connected to urban architecture, but it ironically provides the most natural design possible given the context.