Waterfrom Shapes Pharmaceuticals into a Modern Experience

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: waterfrom
Taiwanese culture is subverting the disagreeable nature of pharmaceuticals through something more accessible with Waterfrom's 'Molecure Pharmacy.' The space seeks to represent the two main characteristics of a molecular particle—its connectivity and aggregation. The metal, lightweight shelves that display the drugs strike a perfect balance with the rough cobblestone texture of the walls. The eye is driven to the beautiful spiral copper staircase, which is designed to closely resemble the DNA structure in molecular biology.

One-way traditional counter service has been replaced by a solid wood laboratory table, where customers and pharmacists conduct business and consultations. The overhanging plants facilitate a calm forest-like environment. In conjunction with the overall atmosphere and elements of abstract art, Molecure Pharmacy brings about a unique modern experience and exploration in the land of pharmaceutical drugs.