Diogo Aguiar Studio's Garden Pavilion Features Offset Entrances

 - Feb 21, 2018
References: archdaily
In designing a public pavilion for screenings as part of an outdoor exhibition, Diogo Aguiar Studio discovered an ingenious way to engender the ideal viewing environment without making the space unapproachable for those at the exhibition. The pavilion features two concentric circles with offset entrances, effectively blocking light from the outdoors without having to fully obscure the entrance with doors.

The garden pavilion, which is in Museu de Serralves, a facility in Porto, Portugal, was built specifically for 'Live Uncertainty: An Exhibition'. The pine and plywood walls are thus relatively unfinished, but that lack of sheen contributes to the pavilion's approachability for the public. Further, with wide-open entryways, the pavilion invites people inside, even if they aren't familiar with the content playing in the screening area at the furthest interior circle.

Image Credit: Fernando Guerra