Meiyi Square Seamlessly Connects with the Natural Landscape

 - Feb 20, 2018
References: archdaily
Jiezi Ancient Town is both a tourist site because of the ancient man-made buildings in the area and because of the beautiful surroundings, and the new Meiyi Square aims to maximize the appeal of each of these attractions. The low-profile pavilion and tourist facility uses architecture to blend the natural and the constructed with as little resistance as possible, offering up a seamless space for contemplation.

Meiyi Square is mostly open space. Even the indoor areas in the town square are merely covered by a broad roof, leaving the area open to the breezes and views of the outside. The buildings are also designed to limit the impediments between nature and the interior, with a stairway that is long and low-slung to very gradually ease people from the outdoors into the communal.

Image Credit: ARCH-EXIST, Jianyu Pu