Other Architects & Ratallack Thompson Use Simplicity & Design

 - Apr 19, 2018
References: otherarchitects & archdaily
Other Architects and Retallack Thompson play with the concept and use of space with their site-specific pavilion installation at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Referred to as an 'anti-pavilion,' the interactive architectural structure uses the space of the institution's famed sculpture garden.

Through intended minimalist expression and repetitious design, the pavilion installation completely reframes the spatial dimensions of the garden. This completely alters the experience of the visitors, making individuals aware of the strong influence of architecture on spatial value.

The well-calculated design of the anti-pavilion installation builds a series of rooms through the garden via "self-supporting steel frames clad in UV yarn mesh" that changes color, opacity and reflectivity of sunlight as the day progresses. The presence of the garden's Botanics really amps up the experience in the anti-pavilion installation.