- Jan 25, 2018
In the name of love and perfecting the recipe for the ultimate romantic encounter, these adventurous date ideas are meant to nurture and inspire couples. As the formula shifts and adjusts itself to preferences, culture and the availability of the experience, thinking outside of the box can come in handy. When things begin to be repetitive, it is a well-proven practice — especially on first dates.

With you and your partner's comfort zones in mind, adventurous date ideas are subject to personal customization. The beginner adult art classes could be an untapped territory for the more analytic couple, who don't have any practical experience with watercolors, papier-mâché and other expressive techniques. On the other hand, the vino-fueled yoga classes are for the wine-connoisseurs. For the thrill-seekers, the theatrical escape and urban zip-lining activities seems like the perfect adrenaline rush

From Urban Zip-Lining Experiences to In-Bar Ice Baths: