The Path of Beatrice Introduces an Episodic Journey Through the City

 - Aug 7, 2017
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Following the success of 'Paradiso: Chapter 1,' an immersive, theatrical experience that redefined escape rooms, 'The Path of Beatrice' was created as an extension that launches participants into the real world, beyond the confines of walls. While those who participated in Paradiso: Chapter 1 were challenged to unlock doors in order to make their escape, The Path of Beatrice throws people into the city for an "episodic journey" that will have them uncover clues, packages and additional information about the story of Paradiso and the Virgil Corporation.

Tickets for 'Paradiso: Chapter 1 | Path of Beatrice' are priced at $300 and promise to take participants on a "week long (or longer) experience will feature a series of unexpected and suspenseful events."

These kinds of highly immersive theatrical events are completely redefining the way Millennials consume—and partake in—everything from art and live theater to music and dance.