The 'Swim Desk' Relieves Pressure and Promotes Exercise During Work

 - Apr 4, 2017
References: dudeiwantthat & dudeiwantthat
Swimming is a great way to get some exercise without putting stress on joints, so the 'Swim Desk' is a work office desk that makes it a constant capability. Designed by ThinkGeek as an April Fool's Day prank, the 'Swim Desk' is purported to be the ideal workstation to offer employees a way to swim and stay mobile during the workday.

The 'Swim Desk' features a series of underwater LEDs to offer illumination when you're working late as well as adjustable jets that can provide a Gentle Flow up to a Swift Torrent. The work office desk also features an electric heater that enables users to customize the temperature of the 'Swim Desk' to be just to their liking.