From Zero Emission Ships to Driverless Train Concepts

 - Jul 30, 2017
The top July 2017 eco transportation ideas explore a range of sustainable transportation ideas from small-scale individual commuter pods and electric scooters to large-scale cargo ships.

The use of innovative manufacturing technologies like 3D printing has created tons of new opportunities in the world of sustainable design, especially when it comes to reinventing tried-and-true materials. For instance, a 3D-printed, fully functional canoe was made with a thin concrete framework.

In terms of large-scale eco transportation, the Yara Birkeland from Yara and Kongsberg is being launched as a zero-emission cargo ship that's also fully electric and autonomous. When it comes to transporting a mix of cargo and passengers, 42 Technology developed a concept called the Adaptable Carriage that promises to maximize the space available on a trip. Whether it is a small design improvement or a large-scale sustainable vehicle development, these innovative ideas offer improvements to better the future of transportation.