This Thai Dessert Shop Makes Puddings in the Shape of Puppies

 - May 21, 2017
Images of these hyper-realistic puppy shaped desserts have been dividing the Internet.

Coconut cream puddings are a popular Thai-treat that are often offered in exciting shapes like flowers or thoughtfully poured in decorative bowls.The Wilaiwan Thai Dessert Shop decided to get a little more audacious than a simple flower design by using a mold that resembled incredibly realistic-looking puppies.

The desserts, featuring sleeping, slimy Shar-pei puppies, went viral, receiving over 20,000 shares on Facebook in just 24 hours and evoking emotions of both happiness and confusion among the web.

Novelty treats have been undergoing a renaissance thanks to social media's ability to push the envelope and challenge innovators to get more creative by embracing bizarre, eccentric, or never-before-seen delicacies.