The Locals Corner Cafe Serves Coffee Beverages in Carrot and Apple Cups

 - Jun 8, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
Locals Corner is a Sydney-based destination for breakfast, lunch and unusually served cups of coffee. The cafe recently shared a photo of what it calls a carrot latte, which is served in a hulled carrot drinking vessel.

Like the "carrot-cino," Locals Corner has also experimented with serving coffee drinks in a hollowed out apple, served on a sliced pineapple coaster.

Although the idea is undoubtedly offbeat, it has the potential to significantly reduce waste from single-use plastic takeaway cups. Similarly, Truman Cafe recently introduced the 'Avolatte,' which is a latte served in half of an avocado shell that would otherwise end up in the compost. As well as offering a unique drinking experience, these fruit- and vegetable-based cups draw attention to the issue of food waste and some of the ways that produce may be repurposed.