Hendrick’s Gin is Inviting Consumers to Make Music with Vegetables

There are plenty of experiments and attachments that can be found for making music with vegetables and fruits, and this idea is now at the center of the newest campaign from Hendrick's Gin.

Those who attend Hendrick’s Perilous Laboratory for the Absorbment of Natural Teachings, also known as PLANT, at the RHS Urban Gardening Show in London will have the chance to play instruments that involve cucumbers that have been hooked up to software for the purposes of making different sounds. When the unusual instruments are played, the brand promises that they will release what it calls "a verdant and cacophonic composition."

In the past, Hendrick's has launched a variety of offbeat campaigns with cucumbers at their center, including everything from a dedicated Cucumber Courier service to elaborate Victorian-style machines for making the perfect cucumber slices for garnishing cocktails.